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Thread: Newseum in DC Sold

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    Newseum in DC Sold

    After a few years of financial difficulties, the Newseum building in Washington DC has been sold. I once tried to take a tour, and was put off by the $25 admission price. Most museums in DC are subsidized, so you can spend all day visiting museums for free. I remember going to the old Newseum when it was located next to the USA Today building in Roselyn and didn't think it was that expensive. One of the reasons for the expensive ticket, and the financial difficulties, was the pricy Pennsylvania Avenue location. It made for a great spot to do TV shows, such as ABC's Sunday morning show. But even they felt the price was too high. So now the Newseum operators will look for a new location. Perhaps they will do a deal with another existing museum.

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    The Newseum is a pretty cool spot to visit. However, like you, would not pay the price they have commanded over the past 10 years or so.

    Land in DC (at least the touristy-political part) is insanely expensive. They could do what the Air and Space Museum did and move out to the suburbs, where property prices/zoning are slightly more favorable but then they have the same attendance problem the Air and Space Museum has with their annex.

    There is also the option of the now mothballed RFK Stadium operated by the DC Armory until the lease expires with the NPS in 2039 or so. Current plans in DC have them converting the stadium site (with its gigantic parking lots) to some sort of open-air market and cultural center. Having a museum on-site with the current plans may be a win-win for the District as it may make the Park Service more amenable to another 99 year lease with the Armory and creates another fascinating place to visit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlesarchiebunker View Post
    the Park Service more amenable to another 99 year lease with the Armory and creates another fascinating place to visit.
    I was also thinking about the Armory, because it goes empty a lot of the time. But what might be even better would be space in the Washington Post building. That kind of idea would appeal to Jeff Bezos. The other options might be a partnership with American University, home of WAMU, or George Washington University, which has been trying to put together its own museum.
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    Best analysis I've heard is that in a town overflowing with museums that offer free admission
    few were willing to pay the $21 admission fee.

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    The latest is in addition to closing the Newseum, the Freedom Forum is also closing its First Amendment Center on the campus of Vanderbilt University. We hear some of the mission will be moving to nearby Middle Tennessee State University, where the FAC's former director is currently Dean of the school's communication program. Ken Paulson was a former editor of USA Today, and that paper endowed the creation of the FF over 20 years ago.
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