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Thread: Audio issues on some HD stations

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    Audio issues on some HD stations

    KEGL HD2 is still in stereo, but the right side is far weaker than the left. HD1 and HD3 (the Breeze) sound just fine.
    Additionally, KVIL HD2 (The Oasis) has a similar weakness on the right side. That's a change, because it used to sound great.
    It's not my radio because a lot of the other stations on HD2 sound just fine.

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    Heck they can't even set their clocks! You think they will notice a little channel imbalance?

    Seems that only one station's engineering dep't, 102.1 sends out the correct time, whether standard or Daylight Saving time.

    My HD radio will reset its clock when tuned to a different station that has a different time than the last station received. Some examples: KKXT 91.7 time says 10:26 when actual time is 9:48. KSCS 96.3 time says 10:24 when it's 9:55. KPLX 99.5 is exactly one hour off during Standard time, they're still on DST, they never reset their clock to Standard time. I'm guessing their HD encoders aren't hooked up to the internet to auto-set the time.

    Really makes me wonder...
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