No more radio in California?
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Thread: No more radio in California?

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    No more radio in California?

    Just saw where California is mandating that all new construction includes solar power for almost all its electrical needs.
    If the FCC doesn't crack down on interference from the converters they use, this might be the end of AM and HF for most folks, and could severely affect even FM and TV bands.
    Currently, the solar companies only respond to serious complaints from hams, and then sometimes take months or years to correct the problem with each individual installation.
    There needs to be a permanent fix on every system at the time of manufacture and installation, and it must include all bands...not just the ham bands that one neighbor frequents.
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    It's like with switching power supplies -- they could mandate ones clean of RFI, but they don't.

    Because the FCC truly doesn't care about RFI. Period.

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