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Thread: Leaders meet to discuss WLRNs future. Instead they ask about diversity and coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    That's how WNYC made the conversion from a city-owned station to one owned by a community group.
    Off topic, but how does a commercial station wind up changing to non-com (KING, Seattle & KDB, Santa Barbara)?

    That must reduce the station's value a LOT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMRocks View Post
    They used to run Caribbean music overnight. Then something happened to the long-time host. (I don't remember exactly...maybe he died? retired?)
    It was hosted by Rich Davis and he died back in 2014. He also hosted a show on the former 1040 WLVJ, but I think that was only weekly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    It appears to be both. Wherein lies some of the conflict. And according to the article, some of the donors don't live in Dade.
    It's an interesting problem, especially since the radio station covers such a broad area. Whatever agreement they come to hopefully the news and programming will be left to the people who know how to do it.

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    Okay out of that 51% Hispanic what percentage is bilingual and listen to english speaking broadcasts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Sheridan View Post
    Okay out of that 51% Hispanic what percentage is bilingual and listen to english speaking broadcasts?
    About half is Spanish dominant, and about 75% of Hispanics use Spanish language radio.

    Certain formats in English have great appeal even among non-bilingual listeners, as lots of listening in Latin America is to stations that play English language music or a mix of both languages.

    Since the majority of immigrants in Miami came as refugees or because they qualified for investment visas (you can get a long-term visa if you invest and employ in the US above certain levels), they tend to be of the middle and higher income / education levels. This is the case for Cubans, many Colombians, Nicaraguans and now Venezuelans. Even, for a period, Ecuadorians fled the military dictatorship of the 70's including what seemed to be half of my high school class!

    And that means that musical taste may be quite international. So you often see Spanish dominants listening to English language music.

    The real issue for adult stations is reconciling the slightly different tastes in English language music by those born outside the US or those raised in a Spanish speaking household.
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    Here is an update on WLRN

    Miami-Dade County School Board members met Wednesday to chart the path of WLRN, South Florida’s sole public radio news station, as its license holder.

    After a nearly four-hour workshop, board members appeared to inch closer to the idea of either overhauling the station’s community advisory board and expanding its power or creating a new separate non-profit entity to manage the station. Selling the broadcasting license and maintaining status quo were not entertained as possibilities.

    WLRN and the Miami Herald have a news partnership, with journalists of both organizations working in either newsroom and sharing some news content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioPatrol View Post

    Here is an update on WLRN
    It's an interesting situation. From what I can see, the issue is about journalistic integrity of the 25 staffers who are employees of the school board. Neither the school board not the Friends group seem to be pursuing a sale of the station. That's refreshing, because we're seeing so many institutions, mainly colleges, selling their broadcast licenses due to the expense. The school board seems satisfied with retaining that expense. They just don't want to have the news reporting tainted by how those reporters get paid. To me, that's a pretty simple problem to fix.

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