A former radio host for a popular Pensacola country music station has taken a stand against the harassment she says she received at the hands of management at Cat Country.

Jordan Soto, who worked a mid-day show for CatCountry under the name of Jenna Scott, said she has lodged a complaint against her former employer, ADX Communications, with Landrum HR, the company that does human resources work for the radio station.

“I think everyone has a voice. Everyone has a right to be heard,” she said.

Soto, who starts a morning show job Monday in Fort Collins, Colorado, said an already uncomfortable work environment became even more so a month ago when she announced her intention to leave CatCountry.

She said the strangest occurrence was when the station’s owner, identified by a CatCountry operator as Dave Hoxeng, flagged Soto down on a dirt road outside the station tower where she worked, about a 40-minute drive from the station itself.

Soto said Hoxeng climbed into her small vehicle uninvited and engaged her in an uncomfortable conversation, even acting as though he might be taping what was said.

“The whole point of the conversation was intimidating me into staying,” Soto said. “It was like he was bullying me into changing my mind.”

There was also harassment from a male radio personality and a program director, Soto alleged. She said both made comments that she considered harassing and sexist.
Allegations of Harassment have come out on the station.