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    More KYW changes

    I tuned in on the way to work at 8:30. Brandon Brooks and Carol McKenzie were co-anchoring. Sports was at 8:38. Didn't get to listen to much more.

    The co-anchoring was NOT like it was in the Harry Donahue days when he did sports and introduced various elements like traffic and weather, but left nearly all the news-reading to the second anchor. This morning, Brandon and Carol were even alternating sentences leading into a live or recorded report.

    I did a quick look at their website this morning. No note about the changes. I'd think changing something that has been so established such as sports at :15 and :45 would merit a note online to listeners would know where to find their favorites.

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    Somebody moved your cheese.

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    A note online? Really?

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    I’ve heard sports at 3:38 and 5:38 this afternoon

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    More changes: Traffic and Weather are both aired back to back on the 2's now. I don't mind it so much except the CBS 3 meteorologist presenting the weather no longer says who they are, even during times when it's taped (I know it's Kate Bilo tonight -- although Kim Glovas actually introduced her as Lauren Casey the first time).

    Sports seems to be at :08/:38 now, with the :15/:45 timeslot replaced with "3 things to know." That's preceded by the anchor and editor's desk person being introduced BEFORE the KYW jingle, which is also strange.

    Speaking of jingles, I must admit the top/bottom of the hour jingle that was introduced a month or so ago is poorly edited too. All it is is the beginning of the Reporter's Roundup music, the KYW jingle from 2016, and (I think) part of the old Breakfast Briefing soundtrack clashed together. None of it even blends at all.

    Lastly, does Reporters' Roundup no longer go to Liberty Place the first Friday of the month? I haven't heard Nikazy mention this at the end of the show over the last week like he has been. Seems a bit disappointing they'd discontinue a longtime tradition if they did.
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    Looks and sounds like Silverman is determined to have fingerprints covering KYW from stem to stern.

    At least Rewind hasn't been touched (other than being moved from right before the 6:52a traffic and transit to right after same.

    Speaking of wheels and slightly OT, when does WCBS-AM do sports nowadays (if they still do)?

    Will all of this make KYW sound fresher? Has WCBS-AM taken on a fresher sound with the new music and wheel changes?

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    Headline: The Heron's Nest: Kinder, Gentler? Here's one reason why; change comes to routine - & KYW


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