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    WBHY-FM Mobile

    Recently WBHY-FM 88.5 got a license to cover for an upgrade from a minimal class C1 (33kw/635 feet) to the full C1 (100kw/885 feet).
    Strange thing is the signal in Pensacola has not improved.


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    The City grade is pushing the limits of coverage. Their tower height is half of the other stations.
    96.3 Demopolis AL.
    100.5 Meridian Mississippi.

    92.5 Frisco City/Monroeville

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    Has the signal improved going north on Hwy 45? Or was this upgrade simply for building penetration in Mobile and Baldwin?

    Tropo has been bad lately, but it seems like the old signal was better in Pensacola than the new 100kw.

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    It's only added about 10 miles to the 60 dBu contour's distance to the north, south and east. They had to employ a directional antenna to restrict energy to the west so it is no better at all in that direction.

    More than anything, I agree with Groove that it's antenna height that's the biggest impediment to getting a better signal in Pensacola. I can only surmise that the move to 100 kW is mostly to benefit in-building penetration in Mobile and maybe the condos at the beach. They probably could have gotten up on the WKRG tower and dropped power quite a bit, and it would perform the same or better at the fringes, but that would have even worse in-building penetration.

    I'm curious how they managed to do the upgrade without really going off the air. I know they were on an auxiliary antenna for several days because the signal here in central Baldwin was really, really bad. Like "no better than their sister 250 watt translator" bad. Their aux license is for 17 kW at the same height as their main antenna, so I'm better they went on from an unauthorized site for a short time or something.

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