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Thread: The Fantastic Word Game celebrates 12 years

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    The Fantastic Word Game celebrates 12 years

    The longest thread in Radio-Info/RadioInfo/Radio Discussions history celebrates 12 years on December 3rd. We are still here, moving along (slowly), towards our goal of 10,000 pages. As of Dec 3rd, the Fantastic Word Game (TFWG as I prefer) thread has generated 3,656 pages; 36,556 replies; and, 1,363,614 views.

    As always, we encourage all former contributors who haven't dropped by in a while to drop by. We'd love to see you and we'd love it even more if you left a contribution while at the same time safely following a couple of miniscule rules: Please make sure your contribution is a complete sentence and please use one sentence only. Please begin your contribution with the bolded ending clue from the previous contribution. And please bold your new ending clue. We thank you very much.

    TFWG, by the way, is located in the Games forum.

    Again, Happy Anniversary to us and we thank everyone at Radio Discussions and all current and former contributors.

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    That's quite a sales Hah.

    Happy anniversary to us.
    No irony there.

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