XEMO 860 English Programming 1958 till 1980
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Thread: XEMO 860 English Programming 1958 till 1980

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    XEMO 860 English Programming 1958 till 1980

    Hey Guys:

    I see that 860 XEMO had R&B, Jazz, Blues programming from 12mid till 4am Monday-Sunday with a DJ named Stumblin' Blue.

    TRUE? If so Does anybody know when this was? With my research I am thinking 1972 till 1980?

    Also I see that in August 1980 XEMO dropped the split programming of Beautiful Music and Religious programming and went to all Spanish Programming with Mexican Music.


    Tommy C.

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    When I was a young teen DXing late at night, I remember Stumblin' Blue on XEMO. It must have been about 1974. Later Stumblin' Blue moved to XEBBC 1470am about 1975. Chuck Johnson came on with his Soul Beat radio show at 8:00pm, followed by Stumblin' Blue. Then Stumblin' Blue made it to the FM band about 1976, on Disco Soul Beat 92 FM (XHRM).

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