Robert Feder has reported that Judy Pielach, Aubrey Mumpower and Ben Cortez have all accepted buyouts from WGN Radio, in his Robservations column today, . Judy Pielach is currently the afternoon news anchor during the Roe Conn show, and she had made her announcement this past Friday. Aubrey Mumpower and Ben Cortez are both longtime engineers, Aubrey Mumpower he served as the longtime overnight engineer even when Steve and Johnnie were the overnight hosts, and he was working the night that Steve and Johhnie finally met Les Paul, and they share a story in their book, that same night a couple of teens drives to WGN Radio studios hoping to meet Les Paul, and Aubrey Mumpower was working in the engineer department when a phone call had come in about the buys, he came and made them, and brought them to the break room, making no promises they would meet him, and Aubrey makes a mention of it to Les, and je stopped meet them, and autographed both of their guitars. Aubrey Mumpower also serves as the board operator for Rick Kogan during his show, and you would even hear Rick Kogan mention him by name on the air, often calling him the finest engineer.