iHeart announcement about George Bush Sr.
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Thread: iHeart announcement about George Bush Sr.

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    iHeart announcement about George Bush Sr.

    I switch stations a lot (songs I don't like or commercials - sorry advertisers), and last night I was listening to FM in Denver. I heard it on two different iHeart stations. It sounded like a prerecorded message that iHeart put out for their stations to air about the passing of George H.W. Bush.

    I can't prove it, but this is what I swear I heard: I heard the male voice say he's survived by (x) grandchildren and by (x) grandchildren. I assume it was supposed to be children first of course, but then I heard that he was a World War One Veteran. Both times I just thought what the heck?

    I haven't been able to find anything about the flub online, and there exists the possibility that I'm crazy. I was not drinking at least (-:

    Just wondering if anyone else heard those announcements and also how could something like that make it out?
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    I think a lot of news operations were caught by surprise with this. I posted video of the CBS News bulletin, anchored from KCBS in LA, and the anchor was having trouble reading the teleprompter. MSNBC was in the middle of its non-stop Trump interviews when fill-in host Steve Kornacki (in for Brian Williams, who had the night off) changed the subject abruptly to the Bush news. He then anchored the NBC News network bulletin at 12:07 ET, which also ran on MSNBC. You're not likely to find the first string of news staffers in the building after midnight on a Friday night.

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    There are pre-recorded obits for virtually everyone who is anyone. I imagine even pre-recorded image lines for news-talk.

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