Univision's Awful Ratings
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Thread: Univision's Awful Ratings

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    Univision's Awful Ratings

    X96.3 (WXNY) is one of New York's 3 full power Spanish language stations, and is owned by Univision. Its overall ratings in the NYC market have now declined further to 1.7. This puts it near the bottom of the list of stations with strong signals.
    Their sister station Que Buena (WQBU), carrying Regional Mexican music has been steady at .1. It has a weaker signal, but still covers a good chunk of the area. WADO AM is at .4, but OK, it's an AM station on a high frequency.
    In contrast, rival SBS' two stations in the area are doing great, and are on the rise. La Mega (WSKQ) is at an overall rating of 4.8. Sister station Amor (WPAT FM), with its focus on listeners from the Dominican Republic has been gaining steadily, and is now at 3.4, its best rating in quite some time.
    I wonder why Univision has been unable to fix their stations in New York.
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