3 takeaways from Boston magazine’s Howie Carr profile
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Thread: 3 takeaways from Boston magazine’s Howie Carr profile

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    3 takeaways from Boston magazine’s Howie Carr profile

    Seems like a kinda "hit piece". It says Howie did not take part. In all my years listening to Howie, I think he only mentioned Peter Gelzinis once on his radio show in passing. He never seemed to acknowledge his fellow columnist (who tended to the Liberal side of things, and seem to cover neighborhoods and not politics so much).

    I am surprised Gelzinis would go on record with some critical statements, especially now that he is retired. (Usually people retire gracefull, and don't take shots after the fact.)

    I know there are always Howie haters out there, and some here! ;-) Anyone know is there is bad blood between Howie Carr and Peter Gelzinis?

    3 takeaways from Boston magazine’s Howie Carr profile


    "Peter Gelzinis, a recently retired Herald columnist who spent decades working across from Carr, agreed. “There’s a kind of exquisite irony that the guy who was seen as the great white hack-hunter has suddenly become just an unabashed shill for Trump,” he said."

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    Nancy Sandy Shack said he was a hard worker.She did talk to the writer and could have badmouthed him.As it is, she left to do her own show and he said nothing on air about her leaving, no thanks for her years...though he did thank her in his books.
    When a caller asked where she was, Howie just said "she went to another station" and left it at that.

    The author attended one of HC's events and portrayed him as not the most social person.
    Kathy Carr was quoted.

    Howie said to be a daring journalist years ago etc, and yes he was Jerry's protege and wound up inheriting the slot.

    Yeah, not too complimentary but at times he was praised. The Globe ($5 on Sundays?) seemed to prominently feature it on the top of their site.
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    The last radio profile I read in BM was on David Brudnoy about 30+ years ago. They did every thing they could to leave his personal life under the cover it always had. Maybe even adding to it. David really got away with stuff that I don't think would be possible today.

    is there bad blood
    There is bad blood at every newspaper. Not necessarily overt but I would expect more than Gelzinis (with Howie) if that even is the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post

    The author attended one of HC's events and portrayed him as not the most social person.
    I have talked to HC at an event / book signing / book sale / shameless self promotion and he was nice enough to carry on a conversation with me between customers, Kathy Carr was also gracious enough to give me a few minutes of her time.

    Big deal he got a "graft-mobile", no secret, he fully disclosed it was graft ( I think promotional consideration is the FCC term) and it was while he was at ETM, when he bolted the car did not go with him.

    If nothing else, Howie is right out there when it comes to promoting himself... there is no hiding it, he'll tell you right to his microphone he is in this for the dollars.

    I wouldn't call this a hit piece, but if the Boring Broadsh*t didn't mention it, the only people that would have read the story are the last 45 subscribers to Boston Magazine, you know that fine publication that bases its " Best of Boston" awards on how many column inches of ad space your establishment purchases over the previous 12 months

    Funny how this ended up in the Glob 2 days after Steve Robinson let Kirk M let loose on the Globe, Its editorial staff and John Henry on Monday.

    anyway it was a snoozefest IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by QED View Post

    David really got away with stuff that I don't think would be possible today.

    QED, I tried to send you a PM, but apparently you have switch PM-ing off...

    What kind of "stuff" did he get away with? Being gay?

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    David occasionally mentioned that ' Boston, I couldn't do this anywhere else.' He obviously was a major talent but just not for any market. I always thought he'd say this because he wanted to be a private person while doing 20 hours a week--TV too- and his media colleagues were all cool with that.

    The BoMag piece on him I mentioned was completely unobtrusive. Would they have done that for a gay liberal host? I doubt it. They did ask why he had a falling
    out with Avi Nelson but didn't answer the question. Why David? They did ask if he
    really loved Mrs. Kennedy? Again no answer. David wanted what he used to refer
    as the life not unlike a 'secret agent.' Until that awful day when Jack Thomas called.
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