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Thread: A-500 Wheatstone console

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    A-500 Wheatstone console

    Any of my engineering friends worked with one of the there. Im having a heck of a time getting the mute to work on the CR-500. Talking to Wheatstone has been helpful a bit, but even though I hear relays, the CR-500 doesn't mute on the program channel.

    Something else I need to do?

    yes the diode maxtrix is wired right. but even putting the mic in slot one will not allow the cr-500 to mute, and yes Ive tried backup units of all of them.

    Im stumped.


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    Hmm, been a few years since I've worked on the "A" series, but I think the mic modules contain the dip switches to set the mute function. IIRC, there are no mute settings on the CR module, just the mics. Also, the mute should work on all CR sources, PGM, AUD, EXT 1-2, not just program. Of course, the headphones do not mute. I would start with a good study of the schematics.

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    yeah the diode matrix is in the MA-500 and J 15 in the MO-500 mono mic is jumper...

    back to schematic hell.. thanks

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