FCC Lays Groundwork for Quadrennial Media Ownership Review
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Thread: FCC Lays Groundwork for Quadrennial Media Ownership Review

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    FCC Lays Groundwork for Quadrennial Media Ownership Review


    There is a December 12th Meeting for Media Ownership review

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (pictured) has announced that the agency will open up its required quadrennial examination of media ownership rules at the FCC's Open Meeting on December 12 meeting, specifically examining rules affecting local media markets. The review will begin with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which seeks public input on the relevant rules, such as the Local Radio Ownership Regulations, as well as several diversity-related proposals.

    In a blog post, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wrote, "As part of the Commission's ongoing Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative, we will also consider an order to eliminate certain rules that require broadcast licensees to maintain and display copies of their licenses and other related materials in specific locations, such as at their transmitter sites. Now that licensing information is readily accessible online through the FCC's databases, these rules are redundant and obsolete."

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    What the above story doesn't say is the Republican majority wants to force some more deregulation on ownership limits. Some big radio groups aren't too excited about that, saying new limits would devalue already weakened radio properties. The majority is looking at the eliminating ownership caps, specifically on AMs. As if that'll increase demand for AM properties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    As if that'll increase demand for AM properties.
    Agreed... As if.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly A View Post
    Agreed... As if.
    Here's my wish: Before the FCC does anything about caps, they each present detailed reports outlining their own personal media usage. Not from 20 years ago, but from last week.

    Do any of them listen to broadcast radio at all? How about AM radio? The American people deserve to know.

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