KSON 1240 Top 40? KSON early History
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Thread: KSON 1240 Top 40? KSON early History

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    KSON 1240 Top 40? KSON early History

    Hey Guys:

    Was 1240 KSON ever a Top 40 station?

    I do know that KSON changed to KKLO on January 7, 1963 to Beautiful Music as "Cloud 9". Then on April 1, 1963 KKLO changed back to KSON and a MOR/STDS (Pop Standards) format. That lasted till September 29, 1963 when KSON changed to Country

    Tommy C.

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    I have a book called Aircheck, which is the history of AM top 40 radio in San Diego. Author named David Leonard does not mention KSON.

    He is very complete with the top 40 histories of 1170, 1360, 910 and 690 over the years.

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    Thank you Brian. Now I have confirmation on this.

    KSON was half Top 40 and Half Beautiful Music called Cloud 9 from around 1959 till 1963. The Top 40 show countdown was on from 9:30 pm till 11:30 pm 7 days a week. Found a survey from 1960 from ARSA. The half and half was beautiful Music from 6AM-6PM and Top 40 from 6PM till 6AM.

    Sounds like a good book. Did you buy this in a store or on line?

    Tommy C.

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