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Thread: WYZE 1480 Khz AM Leaves the Air

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    Jacob Bogan, who runs WYZE, told me the station had to go dark due to technical problems regarding RF emissions. Fixing it would have been cost prohibitive. So he will either sell his property and relocate or simply sell off the license and equipment to someone else.

    I have heard from more than one person what a fine person Jake Bogan is. That is rare today - usually we only hear of weasels and ne'er do wells in radio ownership and management.
    Hopefully WYZE will continue to operate as part of GHB Broadcasting from another location.

    Another thought...what has happened to the radio preachers of yesteryear? I can't think of a station in Atlanta where one can plunk down $50 and thump the Bible for 30 minutes. I think that was WYZE's niche. Back in the day, there were several stations, both white and black oriented, that served that niche. Is that yet another part of radio gone forever?

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    Was James Cox related to Cox > WSB > Journal?
    Yes. See my post above (#16) for the dates of sale.

    Norman Winston was a New York real estate developer (1899-1977). I have no idea how he got involved in a Toccoa-then-Atlanta radio station.
    "Its music what makes a radio station, and at Live FM, we play the last music around."
    After receiving that copy, I quit the VO industry.

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    Plopping down $50 and getting half an hour i mostly gone. The ministries (national) are on a share basis and national ministries are programmed as much as possible like songs to create a carryover to the next ministry. The ones paying are mainly local and usually not many.

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