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    I totally agree that 95.5 is hanging on by a string and a format change is in their near future; The ratings have been South for a long time. Calling itself "The Lite" makes perfect sense to play soft AC while 95.5 can become another type of genre. The Mix just fired its music director, She FM is not doing well in the ratings and we all know how 93.9 performs outside of the holidays.

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    Yes we all do know how LITE FM performs the rest of the year. They have interesting decision to make now. LITE FM bills very well in the 4th quarter and helps them stay afloat. I Heart will more than likely flip the poor performer first and that is 95.5. This station is clearly done and now they have the soft ac option out there. Ironically, this station was a smooth station for years. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to go sift ac as the Breeze and cross-sell with V103. SHE is starting to flounder. This leaves the LITE to tweak to a mainstream or a hot ac. If there is a Breeze planned, I'm sure will know fairly soon.

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    I'm not sure any owner would have both a Soft AC and a mainstream AC in the same market. The only way iHeart would put a Breeze station in the Chicago market is if one frequency, 93.9 or 95.5, is Soft AC and one is Hot AC. Maybe this is only iHeart using the Breeze moniker on an HD subchannel for now, to block someone else from taking it, as discussed above.

    As for a Breeze station dooming Me-FM, maybe not. Me-FM is all oldies. Soft oldies yes, but not the same as the Breeze, which plays a handful of songs up till 2017. Ratings might not be as good for Me-FM if the Breeze is in town. But on a Franken FM, what else would they do with it? Since they are trying to roll it out as a national format, might as well leave Me-FM on 87.7 in Market #3. Nobody expected it would become a top 10 station anyway.

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    Soft AC and Mainstream AC are much different these days.

    Mainstream AC is heavy on 80s Hits, some 90s and the 2000s to Today that were already big on CHR and Hot AC.

    Soft AC (Breeze as iHeart is calling it) focuses on Soft AC from the 80s and 90s (Sprinkle of everything else) The music WLIT used to play before 2000.

    They could all co-exist. WLIT as Mainstream AC, a Soft AC, and even MeTV-FM which is not Soft AC. I don’t know why they call it “Soft AC” MeTV-FM is Oldies and Classic Hits with a much deeper playlist than most. Many, if not most of the songs they play wouldn’t be on one of these new Soft AC stations.
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    Someone on another board mentioned Big 95.5 could become The Breeze.

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    The Chicago Breeze is now on 103.5 HD2.

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