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    Victrola Bluetooth

    I like the way it looks. And it's not too expensive. I need a new one.

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    I wonder what the audio quality is like?
    I purchased this one last year. It sounds fantastic but the remote control can be a little bit confusing.

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    Awww, I'm disappointed. I thought it'd play 78 RPM records and have a big horn for a speaker.
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    It doesn't even play AM. I take care of 4. Do either have FM HD?

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    I bought it this morning. I saved a few bucks because, when I had trouble adding what I wanted to the order to get free shipping, I decided to go to the actual store. No, it wasn't in stock, but the price was lower than when I first saw the ad, and I got free shipping.

    I wish it had AM, but it's hard to find a good radio, period. I'm tired of the problems with the actual radio where I listen to NPR. And with the one I take on vacation. If I'm willing to give up AM, which isn't worth much with all the interference, this might work.

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    Looks like a nice, somewhat compact radio. I went with a full retro looking set by Sylvania last year, but it's hardly portable. It has AM, CD, phonograph and cassette even.

    Clock radios can still be easily had with both AM and FM.

    Hope you enjoy the radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithE4 View Post
    Awww, I'm disappointed. I thought it'd play 78 RPM records and have a big horn for a speaker.
    The ad did show a radio with a phonograph.

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    Mine just arrived by Fed Ex. They didn't tell me it would not come to the post office. My address is different if it is delivered to my home but they apparently figured it out.

    I'll get it out and try it later.

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    I got it put and plugged it in. One thing that will take some getting used to is that one both my old radios, the volume control is the on-off switch as well. This one is like my clock radios. I noticed the frequency display comes in three different colors. I haven't read the directions yet to find out what they mean, but orange is FM. Blue must be Bluetooth but I don't know what green is. The sound quality is great but I found this out from stations that play junk. Once I found NPR, the signal wasn't good, which is a shame. But the ads show an antenna. My old radio used the power cord. Once I raised the antenna the signal was fine.

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