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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg. View Post
    With a decent radio, it shouldn't be hard to get WBBR 1130 in Fall River. There's an 1110 in East Providence but that shouldn't cause too much trouble.
    Unless you're in my situation, living less than 5 air-miles from the 1110 transmitter. As soon as it's the crack of's good-bye Bloomberg and Hello over-modulated Spanish language. My only opportunity to enjoy 1130 is during the overnight hours...when the 1110 daytimer is off the air.

    And...referring back to post #10 in this thread...1330 is also impossible for me due to the presence of 1320 in Attleboro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Channel 83 View Post
    I have my doubts that inorm99 would be able to get Bloomberg on 1330, especially with the local presence of 1320 in Attleboro.

    Where is iNorm located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wimmmex View Post
    Where is iNorm located?
    I thought it was Fall River. Now...I'm not so sure.

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    I’m quite amazed that anyone would go through such effort to receive Bloomberg radio!

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    iNorm and I are in the greater Worcester area. When Bloomberg was on 1200 we could at least listen during the daylight hours.
    And I definitely would still like to listen over the air but Bloomberg made a business decision to concentrate on the Boston financial district and inside the 128 population center.

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