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Thread: The Most Wonderful Time of Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTListener View Post
    The pumpkin-spiced everything in your supermarket isn't enough reminder that Thanksgiving exists for you?
    Geeze, they start that crap on Labor Day now! Even the wife (who likes pumpkin-spiced everything!) thinks that that is a bit much! (I'm just waiting for all the mint stuff, myself!)
    As for radio, OK, name me a couple of hundred Thanksgiving songs they could play from Halloween through Nov. 22 this year.
    Why do we even NEED a month's worth of music leading up to ANY holiday? I'm usually tired of "Monster Mash," "Thriller," and "Somebody's Watching Me" by the time Halloween is over!

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bass View Post
    OK so who owns the format when two stations started it at about the same time???
    I've noticed that no one ever seems to be able to answer this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassy512 View Post
    Usually whoever promotes the most and is first in.
    Not necessarily. The FISH here in Nashville almost always starts ahead of Mix 92.9, sometimes by up to a week. And they both promote it heavily, with billboards all over town, etc. But Mix still seems to be the go-to station for Christmas music. This despite the FISH being on at least THREE frequencies by now.

    Likewise, I am watching Memphis to see if KIM-FM can gain any advantage over WRVR by starting well before WRVR. But 'RVR is the go-to station for Christmas music in the bluff city (has been for years now), so it will be interesting to see if KIM can make a dent.

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