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    From Inside Radio...
    "James Yus Trade Route Media files a $2.3 million deal to buy Chinese-language KULF (1090) from Radio Free Texas Trust. The deal includes the Bellville, TX-licensed translator K273CD at 102.5 FM which gives the 1,000-watt daytime-only AM a 24-hour signal. Trade Route Media has operated the station since Jan. 2015."
    Radio is a mass medium.  It plays what the most people want to hear.  If you don't like what is on, vote with the tuning knob.

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    Bottom line is that nothing will change as far as programming goes.

    The 1090 AM signal actually covers much more than the FM translator. You have to be west of the Grand Parkway to get a listenable signal from K273CD. The station misses most of the target demographic.

    Anyone know who produces the programming? Appears to be a network.

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    Oy! Anyone else feels like they paid way too much? It's a daytime-only, rimshot AM station. Not much that can be done with that translator.

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    I think it was a lease to own arrangement that started a few years ago. If 1090 was sold outright today, I doubt it could even pull half of that figure.

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