WNEW-FM HD2 New York Switches to Xmas Music
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Thread: WNEW-FM HD2 New York Switches to Xmas Music

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    WNEW-FM HD2 New York Switches to Xmas Music

    November 1 has brought a switch on the HD2 signal from WNEW-FM. For as long as I've owned a small portable HD radio, 102.7 HD 2 has played Smooth Jazz. I have it playing in the kitchen, so I can listen when I'm not near my computer. A lot of songs repeat but there's never any commercials, just PSAs, and almost nothing else, other than Smooth Jazz.

    This morning I turned on the radio and there was a Christmas song. Wow, I thought. This Smooth Jazz format is playing Christmas music already? I remember last year, the automated Smooth Jazz format only played holiday music a few weeks before Dec. 25.

    Then I heard another Christmas song and realized, the station has made a complete switch. Now I'm hoping Smooth Jazz returns Dec. 26. I checked HD3, thinking maybe the Smooth Jazz got moved there. But that's a rebroadcast of All-News WINS 1010.

    Needless to say, there were no announcements about this switch before it happened. And no announcements now about whether Smooth Jazz returns after the holidays or this is a way to transition to something else.

    November 1 also brought three Christmas channels on Sirius XM.

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    A pretty early switch, but it's their best ratings of the year so I can hardly blame them.

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    I remember in 2014 102.7-HD2 played Christmas music continuously till March. It was like nobody paid attention to the HD2 for months

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