This is Vimeo's way of going after Youtube for Viewers

Vimeo is adding LinkedIn to the list of social media platforms integrated directly with its video production tools through the Publish to Social feature.

Vimeo platform users can now natively publish videos with a single click from their Vimeo account to their LinkedIn Company Page. The partnership will also offer aggregated video analytics, so content creators can access viewership and performance stats from LinkedIn. For LinkedIn, this is the first end-to-end integration with a video platform.

“Over the past year, Vimeo has invested heavily in building a central distribution hub for video content to be shared everywhere and across platforms. Our Publish to Social feature makes it possible for creators and businesses to reach audiences in more places, while also enabling them to better understand video performance,” said Vimeo CTO Mark Kornfilt in a statement. “We’re excited to be the first video platform to integrate with LinkedIn, and to extend this feature to an essential destination for professional content.”