94 wip ends wing bowl after 26 years
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Thread: 94 wip ends wing bowl after 26 years

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    94 wip ends wing bowl after 26 years

    Julius May, Philadelphia PA.

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    Entercom has had enough trouble with self-generated controversy at their sports outlets, most notably in Boston and San Diego. The Iggles actually winning the Bowl and IP's stellar ratings give CBS's successor an easy opportunity to limit their future liability in Philly.

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    A quarter century in, I’m not seeing liability being the big issue. It was what it was, and they had it down pat.

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    Look at Entercom's problems with sports stations since they took over CBS's radio assets. Add to that experience that things that were even slightly controversial 20 or even 10 years ago can often be inflated into big deals today. Entercom has found that out the hard way in a short period of time. This could well have been a deciding factor in bringing Wing Bowl to a close.

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    WPHT 1210 is a fine radio station
    WPHT 1210 is a fine radio station
    and KYW is ok, I guess

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    I'm glad they're stopping the Wing Bowl. Lots of people have gotten sick as a dog at those events.

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    In fairness, it was their choice to go and behave like idiots.

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