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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Wayne View Post
    WLIT continues to climb in ratings so my question is do they flip early to Christmas music or try to continue what seems to be working for them and switch at a latter date. They have added more Lite tunes to the playlist which seems to be attracting more listeners. On the other hand, WLS FM seems to be playing less Easy tunes and their ratings seem to be climbing. I am glad to see MeTvFm continues to do well even with its poor dial placement and low cost operation. Any thoughts?

    We will see soon about when they make their annual flip to Christmas music. Since Christmas music does bring in thier best ratings of the year, I would think sooner than later. I am sure they will have an announcement about it soon, and I am sure that Robert Feder will have a report about it. WLS 94.7 has a huge obsession with Michael Jackson, and I am also glad that Me TV FM does well even despite being on a low power station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    The all news format, since it was invented in Cuba in 1948, has always been an ongoing repetition of the top news, with developing stories updated and older stories dropped for later breaking ones.

    The concept is to give a full quick review to people who want an update, but have only the length of their commute or some other restriction on time in which to get the update. High cume, low time spent listening but frequent return visits. In very large cities, this makes for a successful radio station.

    Those of us with a bit more time and an interest in greater depth will make choices like NPR or even things like the BBC for more extensive coverage.

    I didn't know that Cuba invented the all news format, don't know if I want to know for sure when it came to the United States or even Illinois. NPR will be the prefect choice they have Morning edition 7 days a week, but weekdays and weekends. And they just might be the better choice then listening to a station that just has all news all the time expect for when the Chicago Bears play.

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