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    WSRS facebook has a banner about Christmas music and this:"If you want us to start playing Christmas music, change your Facebook cover photo to this. #WorcestersChristmasStation"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjb1124 View Post
    The Detroit station has now gone to a soft AC format "The Breeze". I can't see Entercom wanting to put something so close to Magic's format on 103.3 though. Maybe Beasley will try it on 92.9?
    I would love for that to happen, but isn’t Easy 99.1 enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssetta View Post
    I would love for that to happen, but isfn’t Easy 99.1 enough?
    It is just a far fetched prediction. Of course if Entercom actually did do that, then they would have to put something in its place afterwards.

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    If we are counting rimshotters here, 94.9-WHOM appears to have taken the leap first (sometime yesterday, or maybe midnight this morning—?).
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    According to people on Magic's FB page, Magic will be flipping Friday at 5pm.

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