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Thread: It's almost that time again!

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    Yup, as I noticed on their site yesterday...some streaming only.

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    Sirius XM Channel 70 is also currently playing Christmas music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by looseends View Post
    Sirius XM Channel 70 is also currently playing Christmas music.
    That's The Hallmark Channel, branded, and paid at least in part for, by the greeting card company, pre-empting the in-house "Love" channel through Christmas Day. 'Tis the season to fatten the bottom line at SiriusXM!

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    Now what is the off chance that Amp Radio goes all Christmas instead? Now that would be interesting, ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    Yes can't see iHeart or Beasley flipping 101.7 or 102.5 to Christmas, other than a day or two before 12/25.
    While not full-blown more than one year iHeart's Country 92.5 in Hartford has done "Country Christmas" 7PM-Midnight for a few weeks leading up to Christmas. They do mix in traditional Christmas tunes.

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    Entercom dropped CHR Amp on their Detroit station WDZH "Amp" 98.7 for all Christmas.
    Still think Ent will switch Magic to all Christmas, but, interesting.... (a better fit for MJX)

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    Has Boston already made the switch yet?

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    The Detroit station has now gone to a soft AC format "The Breeze". I can't see Entercom wanting to put something so close to Magic's format on 103.3 though. Maybe Beasley will try it on 92.9?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikaelaArsenault View Post
    Has Boston already made the switch yet?
    Not as of yet.
    They played it safe.
    I assume someone will in the next week.

    Free Sirius/XM preview starts Thursday, so I will listen to that till then.

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    Maybe both SRS and MJX by Fri.Would doubt they'd wait till the following weekend (Thanksgiving, Black Friday)

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