RIP, Barry Lunderville
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Thread: RIP, Barry Lunderville

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    RIP, Barry Lunderville

    I am sorry to say that Barry Lunderville, who owned New England Radio Magazine back in the 80's/90's, aired by several Massachusetts stations, passed away last night in NH after a bout with a few ailments; liver, kidneys & more. He also owned about 12 stations in Northern New Hampshire.

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    RIP--also an announced on WJIB 96.9 (prob best to post this on In Memoriam, unless it gets moved)

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    Radio New England Magazine was carried back in the late 80ís-early 90ís on Saturday mornings on 1400 WIDE in Bidderford. RIP to Barry Lunderville

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    In addition to JIB Barry also did news overnights on WEEI 590 in the mid 80's.

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    Anyone have the Obit?

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    What’s gonna happen to the stations he owned?

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    RNE Magazine aired on WKXL (Concord, NH) on Sunday mornings back in the late 70s/early 80s, IIRC.....I was in charge of spot-checking the tape when it came in each week - then airing it!!
    King Arthur Flour was a major sponsor (Brinna Sanns and her recipes......!!).....
    Mr. L. didn't do a bad "Slim Pickins" impression, either!!
    The Northeast Kingdom will never be the same.......RIP, Barry.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomgsinger View Post
    What’s gonna happen to the stations he owned?
    Most likely his son Brian will be running them.

    Had forgotten all about Radio New England magazine. Didn't WHTT run it during their top 40 days in the 80s?

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