KYW 1060 IBOC off
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Thread: KYW 1060 IBOC off

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    KYW 1060 IBOC off

    For the past few days KYW's IBOC has been off, time signal on TOH and half hour are correct now, without a delay. Also sister station 1210's IBOC has been off for a few weeks. I can now receive WCMC 1230 in Wildwood, NJ and 1240 WSNJ in Bridgeton, NJ.
    Now there are no AM stations in Philly using IBOC. KYW audio is crisp and clear now. I hope it remains off for good!
    BTW..There is only one station in the Philly market still using C-Quam, and that is WEMG, and they still sound great on my Sony SRF-A100 radio.

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    I noticed that as well. WPHT's IBOC/HD Radio has been off since July.

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