Robert Feder has broke the story that Steve Dahl is leaving the WLS afternoon show as his lead story in his Robservations report . And as you should see by the link that his last day will be December 21st, and this will be after a 4 year run. So far there is no word yet on how will take over afternoons, and there is also a mention that Steve Dahl will still be doing his podcasts, so you can still get a fix of him. So how interesting to hear that both Steve Dahl and his former radio partner Garry Meier will be doing podcasts. So if you like listening to him on WLS' afternoon show, or if you have never heard him on WLS' afternoon show you have until December 21st. And that will be at the time when regular radio hosts will be taking the last few weeks off of the year, before returning after New Year's Day.