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    Tony Kidd Leaves Cox

    Tony Kidd has departed Cox Radio after 25 years. Tony came to Cox/Atlanta about 20 years ago, having been at Cox in Miami before that. He's had a long and distinguished radio career and in a couple of markets was even a Country jock.

    When he arrived at Cox/Atlanta, he was GM of Kiss 104.1. Then in one of CMG's continuing reorganizations, he became GM of programming for the Atlanta radio stations. Most recently he was Sr VP/Programming but concentrated on Kiss. He and his wife Jennifer hosted Slow Jams, the evening show on Kiss.

    Kiss eliminated the Tom Joyner Show in mornings hoping to decrease the age of their listeners. I haven't looked closely at the demos, but the station took a dive in the 6+ numbers. I don't know whether making the change to a local show in mornings was Tony's idea. But, he was highly respected over the course of his career.

    The official word is his job was eliminated, but I haven't heard who is going to be programming Kiss.

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    Update Chris Egan is named as Senior Director of Operations at Cox Media.

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