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    Am hearing WVCA 88.3 may be on by next month--studios in Ipswich, licensed to Newbury

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    As reported early on, the station WBMT did not operate during school vacation & summer. Perfectly fine with the FCC. The station must operate at least 5 hours a day on days school is in session. I think minimum requirement is 35 hours a week on full weeks it operates. Many public and private school and college stations operate only on days class is in session. This does not mean a station license cannot be contested but any that do are in for a long and hard fought battle under normal circumstances. WAVM in Maynard, Massachusetts is a good example of such.

    Ironically, stations getting fined by the FCC are afforded appeals. They can contest the fine and even claim hardship. In such circumstances, if license renewal comes up before resolution, the license renewal comes only after everything is resolved. Generally the station operates normally until the issue is settled. Considering the backlog at the FCC (I hear over a year), it could take a long time, possibly a few years. In some instances fines are reduced, eliminated, etc. Think of it as being charged with a crime. You might be found innocent or receive less than the standard punishment and that process can go on for a long time before it is resolved. Unless you are really a bad person, you'll likely be granted bail, sometimes on your word versus monetary bond, and allowed to go on with your life until judgment happens.

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