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    Quote Originally Posted by CTListener View Post
    You've got a point there. An opiate doesn't start purges and wars. Religion has and still does.
    That's an old "before polarization" talk radio subject.

    I once did that subject and we made a list of the causes of war:

    Egotism, nationalism, racism, expansionism, imperialism, religion, and socialism were among the highest ranked causes per LA listeners.

    Of course, with Hispanic listeners to talk radio, socialism was named as the greatest cause, a result which reflects the last 5 decades of Latin American history.
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    Moderator Note: Please let's not get into aspects of politics that are not related directly to broadcasting.
    I agree but that wasn't really my point. It's just so difficult to give the whole idea of radio evangelism any slack, when 86% of them are directly responsible for the mess we're in. That being said, it was just mentioned that only about 2% of the population identify as evangelicals, so my concern seems less important that it did when I made the original statement. I will not dwell on it.

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