Kool Radio in Southern New England is a Classic Hits station made up of 3 AM stations and their FM translators in the Hartford, Springfield, and Westerly Markets. Although each runs their own local ads and newscasts, they use the same playlist and feature the same voice tracked DJs and carry the same specialty shows. There are no separate streams for the three stations. The stream was originally of the Westerly station, but was switched to the Hartford area station. As bad as the Hartford area station sounds OTA, the stream sounds worse. For over a year now OTA and on the stream there has been an annoying hum in the background of the Hartford area station. The hum is really noticeable in quiet parts of music and if there's a bit of dead air in-between elements. The only good thing is as of August of this year they switched up the stream and now run "Kool Radio" on Sundays while OTA they run Italian Programming and a Lutheran Mass for shut-ins for 5 1/2 hours.

The stream for this station is: http://lightningstream.com/player.aspx?call=WSKP-AM - While they changed the stream to the Hartford area station the streaming URL is still for the Westerly station.