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    It's can you pay and continue to pay. If so, you got the time.
    That is very important. You want the same show on every day, every week, for years. You don't want to have to find new shows every month. For the client, longevity builds audience.

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    That is exactly right. You want every client to stick around not only because it makes the job easier, it builds the station listener base and awareness. I always say my job as not selling them but a source of information to bolster sales, deliver listeners and generally be their #1 fan.

    My job was to be their guy in the background on their road to success. I'd spend most of my day helping with advertising proposals, commercial ideas and ways to involve listeners with my programmers. It was actually fun to learn the various nuances of various cultures and be a source of ideas when the client hit a roadblock. I was no expert, just a fresh set of eyes looking at things.

    And if anyone wonders what radio salespeople do, this is it. The sale is just the first part. The relationship and work follows and continues. I'd even try to help those that simply called to price us and selected another station. In one instance that help came back to haunt me 5 years later when a potential client remembered I tried to help them. They were with us 6 years and our biggest client at that time buying the bulk of our broadcast day.

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