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    Quote Originally Posted by Tired Of It All View Post
    I've always liked what Siegel presents, he has intelligent guests, he's intelligent, there's not a lick of drama, or hysteria, stupid voices, hysterical laughing, etc etc etc like what's on from noon to three on RKO and Siegel actually does show prep.
    no matter how you cut it, the evening lineup is a hell of a lot better than the morning lineup.
    I'm not a broadcast radio industry professional (PG/DB by day, HA by night), but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one evening. Now working FT8 on 20/40/80m!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tired Of It All View Post
    and as for Siegel being a "filler", he's still better than other so called "hosts" on RKO.
    "Filler" would be almost all of their weekend programming, or some of the thinly-disguised infomercials that the morning show or Howie foist on us pretty regularly.

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