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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Piotrowski View Post
    Not surprising considering how this board is moderated. Every thread goes OT.
    Every broadcast forum I have been on, going back to the Broadcast Professionals on CIS and the BBS boards has prospered due to the branching of threads into interesting and unexpected new areas.

    Iím not going to play thread police save in the most egregious of departures from the subject... like with good radio, I prefer a bit of the unpredictable and an occasional surprise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongwater View Post
    KMPS's highest overall ever was a 6 point something in the '90s or 2000s (they were #1 in a few books.)
    KMPS' highest 6+ share in the PPM era (since April 2009) was a 5.0 in both May and June 2009.

    In the diary era, KMPS peaked with a 8.4 in Spring 1993, but had a 7.4 share as recently as Spring 2005. KMPS was #1 12+ for a total of 28 books, mostly in two distinct time frames - during the "Garth boom" of 1992-94 and again during 2004-08.

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