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    Country 1025 mornings

    In an interesting move yesterday, Country 1025 let Hannah go from the morning show team (according to her facebook). How has the show been doing against Bobby Bones? Any guesses what direction they are going in?

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    Reported yesterday by Country Aircheck:

    Beasley WKLB/Boston morning co-host Hannah Byrom has left after two-and-a-half years. "I'll miss getting to hang with Jackson Blue and Santi DeOleo every morning," she says in a Facebook post. "Thank you to everyone that allowed me into your life every morning." Byrom joined in 2016 from Connoisseur Top 40 WPST/Trenton, NJ (CAT 4/4/16). The job will be posted soon at the Beasley careers site here; PD David Corey is accepting airchecks and résumés in the meantime.

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