New Morning Show on 105.3
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Thread: New Morning Show on 105.3

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    New Morning Show on 105.3

    Looks like Spirit 105.3 has a new morning show...

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    Good for them and Scott.

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    It sure has been interesting to watch how the airstaff at KCMS has changed over the years. I listened to KCMS almost exclusively for about six years, and in that time only the midday person changed, and the afternoon show went from one to two people. Then it 2012, it seems the market went through an airstaff realignment as Ana Kelly went from morning traffic reporter on KPLZ to afternoon host at KCMS, Sara Taylor went from afternoon cohost and traffic reporter to midday and evening host later cut to just evenings, and Matt Case went from middays at KCMS to afternoons at KRWM, with an additional move to middays at KJR-FM in 2014. Also sometime in 2012, the morning show left and was replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goi View Post
    Good for them and Scott.
    Agreed. Scott has done an awesome job re-inventing himself post-Fisher.

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