She does the weather and she tells us the next song and artist
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Thread: She does the weather and she tells us the next song and artist

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    She does the weather and she tells us the next song and artist

    I don't know who this person is or how many radio stations she does the weather for. But at least on WEZV Myrtle Beach SC someone with a name like Chelsea Renee does the weather from time to time and ends the forecast with a station ID describing the station's music and "like 'Unwell' by Matchbox 20". just an example. I'm not sure she did that one.

    Seems like that's the DJ's job, but whatever she's willing to do and whatever they're willing to pay for. I wonder how many weather reporters do this?

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    Chimp, I think the person doing that is Rene Williams who acts as a PD for both WEZV and 'The Tide'. Those stations runs pretty efficiently, so she likely reads the weather and throws the next song to keep things moving.

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    I thought maybe it was a situation like Maria Lopez. Until recently, she did the weather forecast on a local station. She told us the current temperature and the weather conditions (which were often wrong). The two parts fit together too neatly. I can't imagine recording all those different combinations, but I suppose they could have put together the temperature recording with the conditions. half the time, it was cloudy when she said clear or vice versa and I asked them how they knew. I was told whatever they used to determine which it was sometimes didn't work right.

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    Now they've got a person who gives financial advice asking the trivia question. Or giving the trivia answer. I forget which.

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    That's likely a sponsored promotion. Local Edward Jones broker perhaps?

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