Worst or most annoying imaging?
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Thread: Worst or most annoying imaging?

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    Worst or most annoying imaging?

    What are some stations that have especially "bad" imaging, or ones you cannot stand. 103.5 in Joplin is pretty bad, where the voiceover sounds like a robot. Your picks?

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    On SiriusXM, NFL Network Radio's voice for all its promos is some guy who tries to deliver macho-sounding John Facenda-style (Facenda was the famed voice of NFL Films) profundity, but succeeds only in sounding like some small-market "puker" totally faking it. No idea who the guy is, but he makes my ears bleed. SXM has far too many imaging voices anyway, and it makes things even worse with all the gee-whiz production gimmicks on nearly every promo. Slowing voices down ... pinching voices down to telephone-line-quality ... faked female slacker voice on the channel that plays grunge ... employing a guy who sounds African-American and having him voice only NBA promos. To me, SXM's imaging approach relies far too much on sophomoric "Look at me! I've got a big time radio job!" gimmickry and outright stereotyping.

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    WLHK 97.1-HD2 in Indianapolis. It's an automated classic country format, and there were only two or three liners rotating between every song.

    Honorable mention to just about every Ma & Pa station out there. Very few of them opt to hire voiceover guys, instead using whoever they have on staff if their satellite network does not provide anyone.
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    The most annoying SiriusXM imaging is 70's On 7, with the resung TV themes and movie parodies.

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    Can't remember the calls, but 101.7 in Kanton, OH when they relaunched with Variety Hits. They had one liner they ran over and over and over.

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