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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcB View Post
    Why are they allowed to have 2 translators? Their logo shows them on 92.7 as well as 104.7.
    The coverage of each translator is directional. It takes two translators to fully cover the area of the AM signal.

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    As of Sunday Night October 21, they are still stunting. When will this end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceNYC View Post
    As of Sunday Night October 21, they are still stunting. When will this end?
    As soon as all the checks come in from the ethnic and/or religious and/or infomercial folks who'll be buying the time on this new station?

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    My guess is that this translator will not be offering any real programming anytime soon. WRNJ AM on Friday filed a Supplement to their original interference complaint to the FCC, once again requesting an immediate "suspension of operations." It states that over 40 of their listeners have filed complaints of interference within the protected contour of their 104.7 translator. Additional letters from their listeners were submitted with this updated complaint. The document also contains complaints against the owners of the new translator.

    An Interesting Read: https://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws...fac_num=143664

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