WWO Collaborates with AP News Network for Ad Sales Rep
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Thread: WWO Collaborates with AP News Network for Ad Sales Rep

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    WWO Collaborates with AP News Network for Ad Sales Rep


    Westwood One will be used for sales with AP News Network.

    Westwood One has formed a collaboration with The Associated Press (AP) and its shortform news network for ad sales representation of their bartered breaking news wire service, photos, video, web content, sports scores, datasets and audio bites, among others. AP, which already has a presence on scores of stations across the country, offers audio news services for broadcast, podcast or live stream. AP is expanding its barter services in 2019, including its Presidential Campaign Kit.
    "AP is very pleased to have our diverse content set and affiliate list represented by Westwood One in the advertising marketplace. Westwood One has a rich history of providing consumers relevant news talk, entertainment and sports programming." said The Associated Press VP/Local Media Michael Fabiano.

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    Wasn't aware AP was offered bartered news. I was under the impression they were only available for pay. That way it can be sold locally.

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    AP's audio service was available for barter. Back in 2003, we bought out the other station in town, and they had it. I think it was through Dial-Global, who inserted a spot into the top of the hour news. We dropped it, so I don't know what's been available since.

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