NY Mets New Broadcast Home: WCBS 880
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Thread: NY Mets New Broadcast Home: WCBS 880

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    NY Mets New Broadcast Home: WCBS 880

    As has been rumored for a couple of months, NY Mets baseball is moving from WOR 710 to WCBS 880.

    The 7 year contract runs from 2019-2025.
    The Mets had been on WOR from 2014-2018.

    Story: https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/a...cbs-a-new-york

    We'll see what happens a year from now in August and September when the Yankees, Mets and football Giants are all playing simultaneously:
    which game will get farmed out to a spillover station such as (likely) 92.3 or 101.1 FM
    (as in past years when CBS Radio had the Mets on 660 AM and the Yankees on 880 AM)?

    Also in the spring of 2019 when the Nets, Devils, Yankees and Mets could be playing at the same time.
    (A good chunk of Devils games are online-only via The One Jersey Sports Network.)

    Edit: I apologize for taking too long to type and post after previous thread started -
    moderators feel free to merge with other thread or delete this post. Thanks.
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