Dropped wallet IDs WXLO burglar
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Thread: Dropped wallet IDs WXLO burglar

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    Dropped wallet IDs WXLO burglar

    According to Turtleboy Sports (I'd link it but got a riskware warning), a thief broke into the Cumulus Worcester studios (WXLO, Nash Icon, The Pike). Not that there was necessarily cash lying around etc. But he left his wallet behind. He lives less than a mile from the station. (The studios endured a flood a few years ago due to a burst pipe)

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    Turtle and Bruce Palmer talked about this guy this past Tuesday morning on Turtle's regular Tuesday morning appearance on Palmer's show. Quite the moron this guy!

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    The alleged breaking and entering suspect should be receiving an offer to become CEO of a major radio company at any second now, based on his display of sheer genius.

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