10 Years of Mac & Gaydos
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Thread: 10 Years of Mac & Gaydos

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    10 Years of Mac & Gaydos


    They clicked from the get-go and gave morning news listeners of 92~Three a reason to return in the afternoon. Sure it was rough when it started, but even the harshest critic has to admit their show moves along at a fast pace without getting bogged down in partisan politics. Unlike the Gremlin, M&G are firing on all eight cylinders...the Gremlin, four or five at best.

    A tip of the fez to these afternoon delighters on their 10th anniversary. That's a long time for an act to last in radio.
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    I thought you were honoring mac & cheese. Oh well.

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    Congrats to Mac & Gaydos. I don't listen as much as I did when they joined up. Glad they are still doing well.

    I miss the political roundtables with Mac, Gaydos, Gayle Bass and Pat McMahon.

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    I leave my radio on while I'm at work. Arrived home to hear Pat McMahon interviewing Mac & Gaydos about their anniversary. Pat is so smooth and I thought it was a good segment.

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