WNAM Oshkosh WI has been having problems all day. It went out on iHeart but I was able to get it restarted. Then it went out--on the DVR--when my computer froze. That has happened once before. I don't think it's a coincidence. But when I restarted iHeart on the DVR it went out quickly, so maybe something was wrong on their end, unless something was still recovering on my end.

I think the problems started before I lost iHeart. I heard the noon news starting up a few minutes before noon, and news and music playing at the same time.

When I gave up on the DVR and started listening on the computer, there was no top of the hour station ID and no network news. I got to hear some good songs I don't normally get to hear because they have news normally. I later noticed there were no station IDs either. At one point I did hear them advertise a show on Saturday morning and do a weather forecast.

KKOV used to have problems like these, but WNAM has a more professional operation. Normally.