Pirate @ 92.9??
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Thread: Pirate @ 92.9??

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    Pirate @ 92.9??

    My business frequently takes me to the Plainfield area. Lately. I've noticed what seems to be an unlicensed station that brands itself "The Lake" on 92.9. It plays 70's-80's music. Its signal is too broad for it to be a part 15.

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    I moved away from the area about 8 years ago... but I distinctly remember two different formats on pirate stations at 92.9 when I lived out there. One was a Country format as "Country 92.9", the other was a classic hits/oldies station, I forget what they ID'd as though. Signal was good enough to pick up on a crappy alarm clock in my home near the Will/Kendall county line.

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