Are YOU Ready for Atomic Radio?
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Thread: Are YOU Ready for Atomic Radio?

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    Are YOU Ready for Atomic Radio?

    Rydberg Technologies have invented probably the biggest development in radio in decades: A radio that uses atoms as it's antenna

    Any RF engineers want to sort this out?
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    My radios keep dropping on the floor, so I think I'll pass on this one.

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    Atomic Radio? You mean, like CONELRAD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyE1977 View Post
    Atomic Radio? You mean, like CONELRAD?
    With the recent resurgence of AM radio.....this would be a Godsend!!!
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    Fresh batteries in the dosimeter????!! AND your radio(s)??

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    Looks like the receiver works in the microwave spectrum, 4.5 GHz. The antenna is 2 centimeters in size it looks like (20mm vapor cell).

    I'm not sure how this would change anything, as 4.5 GHz antennas are fairly small as is, but who knows.

    PS, not an engineer here, just decided to read through the PDF.

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